The Electronic Chart; Fundamentals, Functions Data and Other Essentials




Digital navigation has recently passed a significant waypoint: The majority of all vessels on international trade routes now sail with ECDIS. Mariners on-board of ships carrying an ECDIS are required to take and pass certified ECDIS training courses. This book describes the fundamentals for the development of ECDIS and for proper use of its potential, functions and limitations as well as where ECDIS training can be achieved and how training should be organised. In short, the reader will find:

  • fundamentals and the technical and legal background of ECDIS and chart data,
  • general guidance on ECDIS use and good practise as well as
  • general guidance on training and certification.

All information is based on the most recent standards of the IHO and IMO.

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Horst Hecht, Bernhard Berking, Mathias Jonas, Marcus Wöster